WarmFocus Builds Its Portfolio with FotoMagico

by Cara -

WarmFocus is a San Diego based photography company run by John Leonffu. Specializing in wedding and real estate photography, John takes special pride in his ability to capture precise moments that will last a lifetime. His photojournalistic style of shooting and accurate eye helps to create stunning wedding and real estate photographs - and he uses FotoMagico to put these photos together into a memorable, storytelling slideshow.

"Creating slideshows of my photos before I had FotoMagico was always a very long process... it used to take me over an hour for just one video," comments John. "FotoMagico not only saved me time, but also made the exporting to multiple formats, such as HD Video, DVD, iPhone, iPad, and YouTube, process much easier."

Watch more of WarmFocus's wedding and real estate photography slideshows made with FotoMagico here!