A Unique New Way to Use iStopMotion

by Cara -

We were recently sent a great video that showcases a unique new way to make use of our iStopMotion software. Fan of Boinx Software and iStopMotion, Arthur Conner, put the software to use to document one of the most important days of his life... his wedding! "I just wanted to say that iStopMotion made my wedding," says Arthur. "You know that it is a great product when you use it on your special day. I have convinced a couple other people to use it for their weddings as well. I hope it becomes the next big thing."

From the set up of the wedding reception, to the toasts, and the first dance as husband and wife, Arthur took full advantage of the timelapse feature in iStopMotion to document his big day in a very special way. Watch his video "The Reception." And, of course, Arthur had to document the engagement with FotoMagico as well - watch the engagement video here!