IPEVO Camera - THE Best iStopMotion USB-Webcam

by Cara -

Our team members over at Zazil Media Group in Boston recently shipped us a new toy to test out with iStopMotion. Turns out, it is THE best iStopMotion USB-Webcam one can get... that is according to our resident tech expert, Bastian Woelfle. The IPEVO Camera is expertly designed to provide live image capture for documents, pictures, textbooks, and three-dimensional objects - all at hundreds and even thousands less than conventional cameras and over-head projectors. It comes equipped with a solid arm that makes it possible to put the camera in virtually any position, capturing the coolest shots for your iStopMotion movies. It also comes with an additional clip to easily mount it on a regular monitor or laptop screen.

"Here's the really cool stuff about the IPEVO Cam... It has a small switch that lets the user switch between autofocus and manual focus. If the camera is set to manual focus, there is a 'push to focus' button that keeps the user from fiddling with a tiny focus ring, but focuses itself to the closest object," says Bastian. "Just focus the camera once, and it keeps your focus exactly where it is supposed to be. It can also focus really close, so it is great for those macro shots. The auto exposure and resolution are also impressive...it can shoot in both very dark and very light areas, and the resolution goes up to 1600 x 1200."

Visit the IPEVO Website for more information on the IPEVO Camera for iStopMotion. And don't forget to send us all of your iStopMotion creations for posting on our website! Happy animating!

Like every USB webcam on the market, the IPEVO also does auto-exposure and auto-white balance. That means that with hanging lighting conditions, the camera might start self adjusting and create flicker in the animation. There is no wa to suppress that.