BoinxTV Captures the Action at CeBIT's House of CIOs

by Cara -

This past March, our team was contacted by FINAKI Deutschland, a well-known company that organizes events for CIOs of companies such as Audi, Bosch, Deutsche Bank, Thyssen Krupp, and so on, to record presentations on the House of CIOs booth at the world's largest IT conference - CeBIT. The House of CIOs is a specifc booth at the CeBIT conference, dedicated to bringing together CIOs of various companies from around the world. The booth houses panel discussions and presentations from some of the most powerful CIOs in the IT industry. As an organizer of the event and avid BoinxTV user, FINAKI Deutschland enlisted our services at the event - and we were thrilled to go!

The goal was to record all the House of CIOs presentations, hand them over to the presenters and distribute them on the CIO Colloquium website. In order to do so, we set up three 3 cameras, connected over Firenex Extenders, in the "Arena," all connected to one MacPro sitting in the very back. We hooked into the projector to capture the signal using an Epiphan VGA2USB and captured the Audio with a Tascam USB Audio-interface. Each day, we got a list with the panel topics and speakers ahead of time to edit lower thirds and intros into the presentations. We created and prepared a BoinxTV template ahead of time, that matched the CI of the CIOcolloquium.

"The special requirement was that they wanted to upload the video right after the presentation as live streaming wasn't an option," says Bastian Woelfle, our resident BoinxTV guy. "So inbetween each session, we had 15-30 minute breaks, which gave us enough time to encode the sessions using an Elgato Turbo.264 encoder stick and upload a heavily compressed version over a very flaky connection to a server. So with very little delay, they got all the final videos including video from the three cameras and the projector onto their website. Later on we provided FINAKI Deutschland with high-quality versions of all the sessions, which they then delivered to all the companies involved. Due to the short breaks there was no possibility for reboots, but as BoinxTV was running 11 hrs a day without a single hickup, there was no need for that anyway. Even through sessions that were up to 2 hours long. That showed me again that BoinxTV is at a state where recording very long productions are no problem, and that the reliability of the software has reached a level in which I can blindly trust it. Overall, the workflow was a success and went off without a hitch!"

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