Boinx Creates Custom Painter Layer for DAF TV

by Cara -

Back in 2006, we helped DAF, a popular German Internet-TV station whose audience is interested in stock analytics, trades and broker background information, implement their graphic design for their online TV station. "We were able to create a cool way to create charts from live stocking data they needed for their show," says Achim Breidenbach, co-founder of Boinx. "Based on our observations of DAF's equipement in their full featured digital studio, we decided that we needed to make broadcasting available for everyone, by simplifying the workflow to fit in one application on just one computer. That idea turned into what is now our "broadcast truck - without the truck" software, BoinxTV."

Nowadays DAF uses a different broadcasting system, but continues to use our add-ons to render the on-screen graphics. They came to us with a request to modify the Painter Layer in BoinxTV to fit their workflow environment, with some added extra features to allow them to draw on top of their stock charts. We delivered by developing a new UI for the layer, where the operator can easily select a drawing tool (lines, free-hand, circles) or a color (one out of 5 pre-defined ones) by just the touch of a finger. DAF then integrated the drawing system into a touch display showing the stock chart, allowing the operator to draw directly on top of the chart. The composited output is displayed on a screen in the back.

The powerful layer concept of BoinxTV gives users virtually endless possibilities in designing their own show templates. Of course, there are many cool presets ready for you to use - but with simple customization, you can turn those layers into one of a kind templates for your broadcast. If you need something really out of the box, we are, of course, happy to help!"We were very pleased with the outcome of our custom Painter Layer for DAF," says Achim. "With BoinxTV it is very easy for us to create custom layers for any workflow environment or broadcasting situation - you just give us the details and we equip you with the tools to enhance any broadcast and keep audiences engaged." Click here to get some inspiration for your own custom layers with BoinxTV.