Wired Educator Gives Boinx an A+

by Cara -

Wired Educator recently reviewed BoinxTV and iStopMotion, giving both products A+ ratings! The source for integrating technology in classrooms, Wired Educator is known for taking a look at the latest and greatest software for the educational realm. Calling BoinxTV a "perfect tool for school video production," Wired Educator says, "BoinxTV's intuitive inferface and well-thought-out controls makes a quality first-time production not only possible, but fun. Often when adopting a new piece of software, especially for classroom use, the entry level of frustration is so high that the teacher and student become discouraged. Not so, with BoinxTV. This program is designed well. It's great the first time, and has enough layers of higher application and effects to keep you coming back to try it again and again. BoinxTV is a must-have for any school."

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Wired Educator's review of iStopMotion is no less outstanding. "iStopMotion is quite simply the must-have software for any creative classroom, and every wired educator. This is an incredibly powerful educational tool that neither you nor your students will outgrow, and is only contained by the limits of your combined imagination. It is the single best piece of software for helping students become content creators and publishers we have ever reviewed. Period.

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