MarketClubTV Invests in BoinxTV - and Profits!

by Cara -

BoinxTV recently teamed up with MarketClub - an investment company dedicated to helping its clients become better traders - to produce a live broadcast for its audience. This new stockmarket livestreaming show has already garnered much attention, capturing 130,00 viewer hours in its first show alone, drastically expanding MarketClub's outreach. "Our company is in the investment business and so we wanted to create a very professional looking show that we could broadcast live each Thursday at 7 PM Eastern Time," says Adam Hewison. co-founder of MarketClub. "Our first show lasted 50 minutes and was a huge success with our viewers. Since launching MarketClub TV and thanks to the visual nature of the Internet, our business has grown. With more and more users using fast connectivity, it really means that we are in the age of video and video marketing."

In MarketClub's search for the right tool to help them broadcast live on the Web, they came across BoinxTV and knew it would be perfect fit. "Not that we have BoinxTV set up with two cameras, actually three if you count the USB2VGA that functions as a screen grabber, we have what we consider to be the perfect set-up," says Adam. "As a long-time fan of Apple products, it was a major blessing finding Boinx TV as we did not want a PC solution for something so visual a medium as TV. What really impressed us about Boinx TV was the fact that they had just won the Apple Design Award (ADA) for 2009. Given the fact that Apple has time and time again set such high standards in the industry and the world, we recognized that this was no small feat. So with that ringing endorsement from Apple, we decided to go ahead and purchase the program and see what it was all about. Having been on the Internet since 1994, our company is well-versed in most Internet technologies. However, I have to say that when we fired up Boinx TV, I was amazed at how beautifully designed, powerful, and easy to use the software turned out to be."

To say the very least, MarketClub has been more than satisfied with BoinxTV's capabilities and workflow. "Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could have, essentially CNN capabilities, on a Mac laptop for so little money. It was quite extraordinary. The amount of control you have with Boinx TV is more than you expect. I think that's one of the really powerful things we like about their software." The company takes full advantage of all of BoinxTV's functionalities, from green screening, to layers, to lower thirds, and more. "As an investor, I only wish I had stock in Boinx because they write great, seamless software and I see a bright future ahead of them. I know this sounds like a paid endorsement, but the reality is I couldn't say enough good things about Boinx TV and their staff - in particular Bastian Wolfle. Bastian went out of his way to help us and has been incredibly helpful in so many other ways."

"So if you're thinking about broadcasting and want a professional piece of Mac compatible software that is worth every penny, but won't cost you your last dime, this is the product you are looking for," says Adam. Check out MarketClub's live show, powered by BoinxTV, every Thursday at 7 PM here. Read about more awesome use cases of BoinxTV here!