LifeRadio Celebrates Its 13th Anniversary with BoinxTV!

by Cara -

LifeRadio is one of the top music stations in Austria. A strong precense in their community, LifeRadio plays host to numerous charity events, forums, concerts, competitions, and more each year. For the past three years, the station has been working with and streaming web videos to build more of a visual precense within their community of listeners. Each week, LifeRadio produces their own video content, consisting of their radio hosts, special events, and news, which is then posted in a video gallery on their website,

"For our 13th Anniversary, we had an Open House, during which our listeners had the opportunity to get a sneak peak behind-the-scenes and experience what was happening live at the radio station," says Peter Leitner of LifeRadio. "Inside our studio, we used BoinxTV to record short 'memory videos' for our listeners... and thanks to the YouTube integration in BoinxTV, we were able to upload the videos to our LifeRadio YouTube Channel instantly!"

To create an authentic "live on air" atmosphere for the videos, LifeRadio inserted a photo of their actual studio into BoinxTV via a Datavideo CKL-200 chroma keying background. The setup for recording the videos was simple, consisting of a Sony HVR-V1E camera, microphones that were fed into a mixer and then to the camera to have audio and video in one firewire stream, two Dedolights for lighting, and just 7 different layers within BoinxTV which were triggered by the record and stop buttons. "All we had to do was adjust the lower thirds throughout the videos and upload to YouTube once we were done," says Peter. "BoinxTV mastered the 'Long-Distance-Heavy-Using' during our Open House for over 9 straight hours, without a single crash or hickup. We want to say thanks to Boinx and congratulations on such a great piece of software!"

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