Digmo! Calls iStopMotion 'The Best!'

by Cara -

Digmo!, the tech-ed blog covering mini discoveries, tips, apps, and website finds from the creative education realm, recently posted an article on Easy Claymation Animation Techniques, highlighting our very own iStopMotion as "one of the best and easiest animation applications" on the market. The post provides a brief overview of iStopMotion, giving readers the skills and confidence they need to embark on their own Wallace and Grommet style creations.

"I have been using iStopmotion for five years and to be honest I use it in the same way each time it loads. I tend to keep the workflow simple, a digital camcorder connected to my Mac via Firewire and then simply hitting the red button to capture each single frame. It works but the quality isn’t great in low light. The good news is iStopmotion also supports direct capture from a number of different digital cameras and DSLR cameras offering the ability to create High Def animations," says Digmo.

The post walks readers through the various steps of using iStopMotion, acting as a type of written tutorial for the application. It breaks the stop motion animation software down into eight easy steps, from source to composition, providing examples and tips along the way. "iStopmotion is one of the best (and easiest) animation applications I think have used. The interface is simple and the quality of the output is brilliant coping with video sources from iSight to High Definition digital SLR cameras."

Read the complete post from Digmo! here, and view some more great iStopMotion tutorials and reviews here!