FotoMagico 3.8b2

by Bastian -

The highlight of FotoMagico 3.8 are several completely new transitions (Blinds, Flash, Pixelate, Broken TV) and new options for some existing transitions (Fade, Flip). In addition, a number of under-the-hood improvements should result in better stability, performance and audio playback. Check out FotoMagico 3.8b2.

Release Notes:

Version 3.8b2 Home and Pro - April 14, 2011

  • Updated help for new features.
  • Added display size to options in QuickTime export, so that difference between encoded size and display becomes more clear.
  • The transition menu is now grouped by transition type to make it quicker to find the desired transition.
  • A bug that resulted in incorrect title layout or failure to edit titles has been eliminated.
  • MP4 icon is now displayed correctly in the sharing assistant.
  • When pushing the blue triangles in the animation control directly together, this resulted in images being invisible during playback, instead of showing a hard jump in the animation. This bug has been fixed.
  • Various small fixes.

Version 3.8b1 Home and Pro - not released to public

  • This version brings several completely new transitions (Blinds, Flash, Pixelate, Broken TV) and adds new options to existing some existing transitions (Fade, Flip).
  • When sharing a slideshow, the export progress is now also visible in the Dock icon, so that the FotoMagico window can be minimized.
  • Internal changes to playback engine.
  • Internal changes to audio playback.
  • Selecting titles in a collapsed chapter in the Storyboard now works correctly.
  • Various small fixes.