LOOK3 - "Three Days of Peace, Love and Photography"

by Cara -

"Three days of peace, love and photography." This is the phrase used to describe the LOOK3 Festival - one of the largest photography festivals in the United States. LOOK3 began as a simple backyard gathering of a few photo enthusiasts and quickly grew into a full-blown photographic festival in the picturesque and historic downtown of Charlottesville, Virginia. The festival takes place over the course of three days each June, during which thousands of attendees gather for exhibitions, presentations, interviews, workshops, and outdoor projections of work from some of the most talented photographers in the world. Charlottesville is virtually transformed into a living image - photographs hang from trees, are projected onto storefront windows and buildings, and exhibited in every gallery space. LOOK3 is designed to bring together the international photography community, creating opportunities for attendees and artists to share images, ideas, and inspiration.

FotoMagico to the Rescue!

Back in 2008, Kevin Burtnett and Jon Golden, the technical masterminds of the festival, discovered FotoMagico, and our software has been helping LOOK3 run smoothly ever since. "I discovered FotoMagico, and it literally saved our lives," said Kevin. "It sped up our production time, and the result was a perfect presentation and a flawless production." A tradition since 2009, all participating LOOK3 artists will receive a copy of FotoMagico to create presentations of their work and display throughout the festival. "FotoMagico is so easy that most good photographers can use it or have a technically minded assistant that can - it's a huge help to us to have all the slideshows running on the same application," said Jon. We are thrilled to once again serve as proud sponsors of the LOOK3 Festival, and take part in such an immense gathering of the photography community. It's an awesome way to bring our creative software to the forefront of the industry and help promote the arts.

LOOK3 2011: Festival of the Photograph

Each year, the LOOK3 Festival brings together some of the most interesting and talented photographers from around the world - and this year is no different. This year's festival will showcase work from artists like George Steinmetz, Mary Ellen Mark, Alex and Rebecca Webb, Nan Goldin, and Massimo Vitali. The events' Masters Talks series continues to showcase the highest standards of photographic excellence by inviting select artists to present half hour talks on current projects at the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville. The 2011 Masters Talks presentations include: The Last Roll of Kodachrome, from Steve McCurry, Son, from Christopher Anderson, Bedrooms, from Ashley Gilbertson, and Notion of Family, from LaToya Ruby. Showcasing fifty of the most exciting and innovative photographic projects from established professionals and emerging talent, LOOK3's evening projections on the lawn present a dynamic cross-section of work, from photojournalism to fine art, most of which are created with FotoMagico. The look and feel of the festival is reminiscent of its backyard, picnic gathering roots. LOOK3 combines the art of photography with the beauty and freedom of nature and the outdoors to create one of the most unique photographic festivals around.

LOOK3 2011 will take place in Charlottesville, Virginia from June 9 - 11. Check out the LOOK3 website for more details on this year's festival!