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by Cara - -

Ian Timothy adds another episode to his witty iStopMotion animation series, Beaver Creek. Ian's unique and expertly crafted short animations depicting the curious lives of beavers not only raise awareness for beaver conservation, but also portray the limitless possibilities of creative technology and the imagination.

Beaver Creek captures the life of Twigs the beaver, Drake the duck, and an unnamed largemouth bass - with the occassional antagonistic otter thrown in the mix to stir things up. Each character is carefully molded from clay, and placed in precisely built settings, fit with life-like streams, trees, and beaver dams. Every episode begins with a catchy tune sung by Twigs and Drake, and goes on to capture the everyday antics of the Beaver Creek residences. In Episdoe Six, Twigs the beaver travels back home to help fix his parent's dam.

Ian uses iStopMotion to create his Beaver Creek series. He is able to capture a single frame or sequence of frames at predefined intervals, time-lapse scenes with an interval smaller than one second, and schedule start and stop as well as frequency of time-lapse recording sessions with AppleScript support. The ability to record real-time events directly into your stop motion project also brings a real-life dimension to all of Ian's animations. You can watch all of Ian's Beaver Creek episodes on YouTube.

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by Oliver - -

Yesterday, we got an iPad 2 complete with Apple Digital AV Adapter. Since it now supports video mirroring without a jail break and additional hacks, it can be easily used with BoinxTV to create training videos, demos or video podcasts. In fact, our resident podcaster, Bastian, took the iPad 2 and his co-host Tino to the Digital Upgrade studio for a live show on iPad 2. (You can watch the recording at their website in German.)

Here is a frame out of the video:

The interesting part is the live video of the iPad 2 to the left side of the moderators showing the content of the iPad 2 display. The signal comes from the iPad 2 through the Apple Digital AV Adapter and an HDMI cable and goes into a Matrox MXO 2 which is used as a video input for BoinxTV running on a Mac Pro. A special "iPad display" layer takes the video and composes it into the video.

A chart of the podcast setup can be found here and the document that was used is also available here.

An alternative setup would be to use the Apple VGA Adapter and a VGA2USB by Epiphan.

This is perfect for demoing iPad apps.

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by Cara - -

This hand-made iStopMotion animation was a collaboration between animator, John Davide, and the band, Kontakte. Created completely with sand, the themes in the piece touch loosely on the myth of Pandora's Box, but is essentially a tale of loss, grief and redemption found through hope.

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by Cara - -

We are always scoping out the latest equipment and cameras to pair with our creative software. Our latest finding is a small consumer flip-cam great for recording your iStopMotion and BoinxTV videos - the Panasonic TA-1 Ultrathin HD Pocket Camcorder. This tiny little camera comes equipped with Skype, iFrame and a built-in USB port for easy connection to your Mac and instantaneous sharing of videos with friends and family. The camera is extremely user-friendly and simple to operate - just press record and your off!

We want to be able to recommend good, quality cameras that will work with our products to our customers,says Bastian Woelfle, Boinx team member. The Panasonic TA-1 was recommended to me by someone on my blog and he said that it worked great with BoinxTV. We got the camera and tested it out, and sure enough it works great with iStopMotion and BoinxTV. Even though it only delivers 640x480 in webcam mode, the quality is really good and it even has a tripod mount perfect for BoinxTV and iStopMotion productions. It has auto focus and auto white balancing, to make your images look great, and its extremely user-friendly.

The Panasonic TA-1 is available for just $72.99 on Amazon.com. It's affordability and user-friendly nature make it a great choice for creative people wanting to experiment with iStopMotion and BoinxTV, while also having a neat and useful camera to take with them on-the-go. We give the Panasonic TA-1 four stars and recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable and quality camera for producing great iStopMotion and BoinxTV videos!

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by Oliver - -

A customer who had purchased FotoMagico Home on the European Mac App Store recently told us about his experience with the App Store handling his refund request: "I told them I wanted a refund for FotoMagico Home because it was missing a feature I needed which was available in FotoMagico Pro." The response he got from the App Store not only contained a link to our FotoMagico comparison page but the App Store sales agent also said that he should get back to him for a refund of FotoMagico Home once he actually purchased FotoMagico Pro.

We were very positively surprised by this. Not only did the App Store display a certain familiarity with our product, but they also acted in our best interest by encouraging the customer to buy the more expensive version before refunding the original purchase. This active upselling is a positive sign that Apple understands the needs of the third party developers and is acting on them.

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by Cara - -

A World of Ice and Snow displays breathtaking images of Greenland with FotoMagico. Watch the stunning slideshow here...

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by Oliver - -

In this episode, Oliver talks about product updates, the iPad 2, even more product updates and a nice video we made about the use of BoinxTV at he Munich International School. Enjoy!

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by Oliver - -

MIS Live is not your average news station. Located in a small classroom filled with Mac computers on the outskirts of Munich, the station is comprised of students from the Munich International School's Middle School — a co-ed institution dedicated to helping students achieve their greatest potential. For the team of MIS Live, that potential comes in the form of budding journalists and broadcasters, creating exciting and remarkably professional news show for their school community, with the help of a little program called BoinxTV.

Music: "Dandelion" by Adult Only

Students of the MIS Middle School, grades 5 to 8, are using their after school time in a unique way, thanks to a new after school program called TV News Station and a piece of software called BoinxTV. Gathering together facts, pictures, events, interviews, and information from around the MIS campus community, this group of talented and outgoing students write and edit scripts, cut movies and produce their own live TV news program via BoinxTV. Calling themselves, MIS Live, the students cover everything from class field trips, to sports, school gossip, and the latest tech gadgets on campus, and deliver the news straight to their peers in weekly broadcasts.

BoinxTV is live-video production software from Boinx Software, developer of cool and unique apps for the Mac platform. Acting like your own personal TV truck — minus the truck — BoinxTV combines live camera video, clips, photos, 3D graphics, lower thirds, audio, and more to create stunning broadcasts with a professional touch. Perfect for recording presentations, interviews, lectures, sporting events, concerts, and more, BoinxTV helps MIS Live piece together their school-wide broadcasts in no time. "BoinxTV is a piece of software that allows for the creativity of every child," says Pia Druggan, IT Integration Specialist, MIS Middle School. "The great thing about BoinxTV is that it gives the students the same look and feel of CNN or BBC. If you have a story to tell and it could look and feel like a news story, BoinxTV is the perfect platform to use."

The students of MIS Live not only learn the ins and outs of TV production and live broadcast software, but also the advantages of working as a team and the importance of relationship building. To make each MIS Live broadcast a success, the students must work together to complete their assignments and overcome the many hurdles of live TV. "The process of capturing the news video usually requires several tries and a dose of patience and good humor, as the students do everything from writing the scripts to directing the software," says Pia. "But in the end it's worth it to see the sense of pride and accomplishment on each of their faces once their broadcasts go live."

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by Cara - -

Mac AppStorm reviews BoinxTV Home. With BoinxTV Home you can go far beyond the capabilities of iMovie and create stunning videos for private or business use. The wealth of effects and the multitude of settings included with them give you a lot of freedom to customize your videos. Overall, BoinxTV Home left a very good impression in terms of performance and usability!


by Oliver - -

Today is Mega Release Day at Boinx Software. Engineering was very busy the last couple of weeks and so a total of 7 updates just went live on the App Stores and the web site:

  • iStopMotion 2.7 - Full French and Japanese localizations and many bug fixes. All flavors (Home/Express/Pro) have been updated.
  • FotoMagico 3.7.5 - Updates to the audio volume control and bug fixes. FotoMagico Home and FotoMagico Pro have been updated.
  • PhotoPresenter 4.1.1 – Complete french localization and https support for Facebook.
  • You Gotta See This! 1.5 - Post your panographies to Flickr in addition to Facebook and Twitter.

The updates are free if you have a valid license and are available for download from boinx.com or the Mac/iPhone App Store.

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