Record Your Own VJ Session with BoinxTV!

by Cara -

Our resident "video guy" for BoinxTV, Leon von Tippelskirch, has been working hard on integrating Syphon - an open source Mac OS X technology that allows applications to share full frame rate video or stills with one another in realtime - with BoinxTV. Syphon is used quite frequently in VJ applications such as Modul 8. An avid VJing enthusiast, Leon was very interested in how BoinxTV could be used to enrich a VJ's content and help record actual sessions. For those of you who aren't familiar with VJing, it is basically a broad designation for realtime visual performance. It involves the creation or manipulation of imagery in realtime through technological mediation, for an audience, and in synchronization with music. The results are often live multimedia performances that can include music, actors and dancers.

In order to enable Syphon support in BoinxTV, users must download and install the Syphon Quartz Composer plugin and import both Syphon Input and Syphon Output to BoinxTV. Importing layers to BoinxTV can be done via File -> Import Layer Compositions. Once you've imported, you have two new layers in BoinxTV to work with! The Syphon Input layer allows external applications to provide video content, while the Syphon Output layer exports all your image layers from BoinxTV to other VJ applications using the same interface.

"BoinxTV can be used to enrich a VJ's content with lower thirds and special effects - and you can even record your own VJing session with BoinxTV," says Leon. Click here to view an example of the awesome VJ videos you can create with Syphon and BoinxTV.