"Run your own broadcast station with BoinxTV"

by Cara -

ReviewMe recently took a look at BoinxTV - both Home and Pro versions - and was wowed with its full-fledged production capabilities. "This review is about a full-fledged pre-production in a box. (Is is a surprise or is there something in the water or the air in Germany, most of the software that we have reviewed is generally made in Germany of German speaking countries and they are all top class software in terms of quality)," the reviewer jokes.

The in-depth review walks readers through each aspect of creating a broadcast via BoinxTV - from choosing a template, to the user-friendly interface, adding layers, and more. "We recommend that there is no better software at this point in time that provides the functionality and features of BoinxTV, especially for the home user. If one is serious about professional quality production with multiple feeds, etc., then the Pro version is the way to go. In the broadcasting industry, where equipment is generally very expensive, BoinxTV is perhaps the most affordable component that ties everything together."