Newsletter: What to do with the iPad 2?

by Oliver -

The latest Boinx newsletter just went out and it contained some exciting updates from the team! Most importantly - we finally received our iPad 2s! What are these sleek new iPad 2s needed for, you might ask? Well, just a week ago, Apple approved our You Gotta See This! version 2 app with added support for the iPad 2. The engineering team was forced to ready the app without actually testing it on an iPad 2 - a testament to their genius, no doubt. Luckily, there were no big issues or bugs with the app, and we are now finally able to test it out on a real-live iPad 2.

We also needed to test out our LightLoupe app on the iPad 2, to see if it would work with the Apple AV Adaptor. LightLoupe lets you view and pan and zoom your images on an external display like a projector or big-screen TV. Before the iPad 2 came out, the app used the VGA connection from the iPad, limiting it to only VGA resolutions. Now, with the iPad 2, you can view your images in 1080p through an HDMI connection. You can see details down to the very pixels of your 12 megapixel images - it's a great improvement!

That about sums up the latest newsletter from our team - we are all thrilled to have the iPad 2s and excited to see what our apps can do on them. Of course, we are always looking for feedback, suggestions and praise for our work - it's what motivates us to keep rolling out great apps for our creative users. Leave us comments on Facebook, tweet us on Twitter or send us an email! We love hearing from you!