"What was lost, is now found with Mouseposé"

by Cara -

L. Davenport of the Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group, and Review Editor of the Silicon Summit recently reviewed Mouseposé, saying, "Have you ever suffered through a training seminar where it was difficult to follow what the presenter was trying to show on the overhead screen, e.g. "Click here, do this and slide that...?" Only the cursor was so small you couldn't see where he was pointing? Do you have a presentation coming up and don't want to lose your audience too? Then you might want to look into getting Mouseposé. What was lost, is now found."

Our resident tech-expert, Bastian Woelfle, also made this issue of the Silicon Summit, as he recently gave the User Group a live demo of FotoMagico via iChat. "FotoMagico is a multimedia presentation and slideshow applications. Bastian told us that FotoMagico will accept media from your hard disk, iPhoto & Aperture libraries, as well as from your Flickr account. He also demonstrated how to Pan & Zoom your slides... we appreciate his staying up until 3:00 am to give us this demo from Germany!"