FotoMagico Reaches the Summit

by Cara -

One of the world's leading mountain photographers, Bernd Ritschel, has completed more than 80 journeys and expeditions to nearly all mountain regions of the globe, from Himalayan summits to the Arctic, capturing his adventures on film every step of the way. The results are stunning photographs and footage of the world's highest peaks, most untraversed landscapes, and breathtaking views.

Bernd uses FotoMagico to put his photographs and video footage together into presenations, which he shares with fellow adventurers around the world. Our team members, Bastian, Peter and Stefan, were recently able to attend one of Bernd's presentations and catch a glimpse of his slideshows created with FotoMagico. "He was telling stories of his adventures, while photos and videos of amazing landscapes played on the screen behind him. It was so interesting and never got boring - he mixed photos and video of hikers traversing through mountains with great music in FotoMagico to really hold people's attention. It was awesome, the room was packed with almost two hundred people - and Peter was super psyched to meet Bernd!" says Bastian.

These photos were all taken by Bernd Ritschel on his many climbing and hiking adventures. Visit his website to read more about Bernd's travels and view his stunning mountain photography.