Teachers Improve Their Skills with BoinxTV

by Cara -

We recently teamed up with Dr. Michael Kirch of Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich to help his elementary education students assess their teaching skills in the classroom. Studying to be elementary school teachers, the LMU students are now in their student-teaching phase in which they bring the skills and knowledge they have acquired at the university to the classroom, for real-world experience.

In order to capture the LMU student's classroom mannerisms and teaching capabilities, we helped equip two classrooms in Munich elementary schools with cameras, while a separate "control room" was set-up with switch boards, and a Mac Pro with BoinxTV installed. It was a very simple set-up and extremely user-friendly. A magnetic keyboard (Ergodex DX-1) with designated keys to switch between cameras, line up side-by-side pictures of teacher and pupils, and joy sticks to control the cameras remotely were all set-up in the control room to observe and record the student-teaching sessions without disturbing the students. We hooked up the Mac Pro with BoinxTV to a smart-board - an interactive whiteboard controlled via computer - making it possible for the LMU students and Dr. Kirch to watch the live-video signal of the classroom on the big screen, and analyze their teaching lessons and their pupils' responses to their various teaching styles.

I worked with Dr. Kirch and LMU to set-up these classrooms specifically for this teaching-analyzation project. It's a fantastic way to be able to analyze your own teaching skills and style, and what works best for your pupils. Eventually, we would love to be able to stream these live teaching videos to other schools in the area with BoinxTV and get more and more education programs involved,says Bastian, our BoinxTV expert.

The LMU project is an excellent example of the many interesting and beneficial ways schools and universities can use BoinxTV to advance educational possibilities. Not only are the LMU student teachers able to see themselves in action and assess their teaching skills, but also use this footage to better their teaching performance and, in turn highten the educational experience for their future students.