Beaver Creek Episode Six

by Cara -

Ian Timothy adds another episode to his witty iStopMotion animation series, Beaver Creek. Ian's unique and expertly crafted short animations depicting the curious lives of beavers not only raise awareness for beaver conservation, but also portray the limitless possibilities of creative technology and the imagination.

Beaver Creek captures the life of Twigs the beaver, Drake the duck, and an unnamed largemouth bass - with the occassional antagonistic otter thrown in the mix to stir things up. Each character is carefully molded from clay, and placed in precisely built settings, fit with life-like streams, trees, and beaver dams. Every episode begins with a catchy tune sung by Twigs and Drake, and goes on to capture the everyday antics of the Beaver Creek residences. In Episdoe Six, Twigs the beaver travels back home to help fix his parent's dam.

Ian uses iStopMotion to create his Beaver Creek series. He is able to capture a single frame or sequence of frames at predefined intervals, time-lapse scenes with an interval smaller than one second, and schedule start and stop as well as frequency of time-lapse recording sessions with AppleScript support. The ability to record real-time events directly into your stop motion project also brings a real-life dimension to all of Ian's animations. You can watch all of Ian's Beaver Creek episodes on YouTube.