Demoing iPad apps with BoinxTV

by Oliver -

Yesterday, we got an iPad 2 complete with Apple Digital AV Adapter. Since it now supports video mirroring without a jail break and additional hacks, it can be easily used with BoinxTV to create training videos, demos or video podcasts. In fact, our resident podcaster, Bastian, took the iPad 2 and his co-host Tino to the Digital Upgrade studio for a live show on iPad 2. (You can watch the recording at their website in German.)

Here is a frame out of the video:

The interesting part is the live video of the iPad 2 to the left side of the moderators showing the content of the iPad 2 display. The signal comes from the iPad 2 through the Apple Digital AV Adapter and an HDMI cable and goes into a Matrox MXO 2 which is used as a video input for BoinxTV running on a Mac Pro. A special "iPad display" layer takes the video and composes it into the video.

A chart of the podcast setup can be found here and the document that was used is also available here.

An alternative setup would be to use the Apple VGA Adapter and a VGA2USB by Epiphan.

This is perfect for demoing iPad apps.