Spotlight on Panasonic TA-1 Flip Cam

by Cara -

We are always scoping out the latest equipment and cameras to pair with our creative software. Our latest finding is a small consumer flip-cam great for recording your iStopMotion and BoinxTV videos - the Panasonic TA-1 Ultrathin HD Pocket Camcorder. This tiny little camera comes equipped with Skype, iFrame and a built-in USB port for easy connection to your Mac and instantaneous sharing of videos with friends and family. The camera is extremely user-friendly and simple to operate - just press record and your off!

We want to be able to recommend good, quality cameras that will work with our products to our customers,says Bastian Woelfle, Boinx team member. The Panasonic TA-1 was recommended to me by someone on my blog and he said that it worked great with BoinxTV. We got the camera and tested it out, and sure enough it works great with iStopMotion and BoinxTV. Even though it only delivers 640x480 in webcam mode, the quality is really good and it even has a tripod mount perfect for BoinxTV and iStopMotion productions. It has auto focus and auto white balancing, to make your images look great, and its extremely user-friendly.

The Panasonic TA-1 is available for just $72.99 on It's affordability and user-friendly nature make it a great choice for creative people wanting to experiment with iStopMotion and BoinxTV, while also having a neat and useful camera to take with them on-the-go. We give the Panasonic TA-1 four stars and recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable and quality camera for producing great iStopMotion and BoinxTV videos!