A Mac App Store Surprise

by Oliver -

A customer who had purchased FotoMagico Home on the European Mac App Store recently told us about his experience with the App Store handling his refund request: "I told them I wanted a refund for FotoMagico Home because it was missing a feature I needed which was available in FotoMagico Pro." The response he got from the App Store not only contained a link to our FotoMagico comparison page but the App Store sales agent also said that he should get back to him for a refund of FotoMagico Home once he actually purchased FotoMagico Pro.

We were very positively surprised by this. Not only did the App Store display a certain familiarity with our product, but they also acted in our best interest by encouraging the customer to buy the more expensive version before refunding the original purchase. This active upselling is a positive sign that Apple understands the needs of the third party developers and is acting on them.