Making of Boinx Chronicles Video Edition: The Tale of The Missing Episode 1

by Oliver -

I always wanted my own TV studio. Ever since the first days of blogging, I thought that, eventually, everyone would have their own TV channel and instead of writing so much, it would be much easier to get up in front of a camera and say what you have to say.

One of the principles that drive Boinx Software is that we make software that we would want use ourselves, so when we decided to develop BoinxTV, we also built a studio at our offices in Puchheim with a green screen for recording video podcasts. We use it regularly to produce the popular shows Digital Upgrade,, webinars and virtual press conferences.

By the end of 2010 I decided to make my life long dream of becoming my own TV show host come true and start an official Boinx Software video podcast.

I recruited Bastian, our resident podcasting expert and co-host of the above mentioned Digital Upgrade and, told him to come up with a great intro and set up a BoinxTV template we could use to demonstrate how a corporate executive could use BoinxTV to create a branded video in no time at all.

So, one fateful friday afternoon in January, he summoned me into the studio to record the first episode. We had purposefully chosen a time that put us under a bit of pressure to get it done so that we could leave for the weekend.

I had a rough plan for the first episode which I sketched in an email to Bastian.

Being quite good at giving interviews, I thought I would simply get up in front of the camera and just start talking about the things on the agenda, while Bastian was pressing the buttons that would make the episode look great. The second part did work out quite well, but I miserably failed at my part. After 4 or 5 takes, I decided that I needed to script my talk and use a teleprompter.

We chose Bodelin's ProPrompter iPad app. The iPad was going to be the teleprompter, positioned right below the camera. That is not perfect, but we did not have time to get a proper mount with semi-transparent mirror. I was using a second copy of ProPrompter on my iPhone to remote control the ProPrompter app running on the iPad. This setup worked quite well, even though the way you get your text onto the ProPrompter needs a bit getting used to.

Image © Bodelin - borrowed from ProPrompter web site.

Having solved the technical problems, the next challenge was to write the text the way you would talk and not the way you would write. I was using much too complicated sentences that were too long. If you are using a teleprompter you want to make it sound like you are not reading a prewritten script. The script needed some tweaking and I am sure that over time I will get better and better at this, but, in the end, it was the right choice. After we had done the setup for the teleprompter and the script was ready, it took us only one more try to finish the first episode.

So, why have we not published the first episode? The world doesn't stop over the weekend. When we were ready to post it the following monday afternoon, a couple of the facts I had mentioned were already out of date. Additionally, the members of the team we showed it too thought I wasn't smiling enough. Eventually, we decided to not post that first episode but use it as a study case for this making of post. So, with great fanfare, here it is. Enjoy.

PS. I am looking forward to your comments.