Girl Befriends Dragon in a Matter of Frames

by Megan -

In Charlie Collier’s first go at iStopMotion for iPad, Dragon’s Den, he tells the story of a little girl who befriends a dragon after losing her ball in his cave. An iStopMotion buff noted for his work on a music video with Slovenian band Puppetz, Charlie is highly skilled at the art of bringing life to anything from a twist tie to a chalkboard through stop motion animation. His latest animation is no different, with scenes and characters arranged out of meticulously cut pieces of construction paper. The animation, at over two minutes long, was edited at 24 frames per second (we’ll let you do the math).

In the final product, Charlie employs time lapse in the beginning and end, giving viewers a sense of the amount of work he put into his creation. The stop motion animation frames were taken with the iPad while the time-lapse scenes at either end of the film that show Charlie adjusting the cutouts for each frame were taken with a Canon HV30. After shooting and editing the animation with iStopMotion for iPad, Charlie cut it together using iMovie for the iPad, and then imported it into Final Cut Pro on his computer to edit in the time-lapse portion and sound.

“I like the iStopMotion app. It’s simple to use, but has all the basic features for creating quick animations and time lapse,” said Charlie. “Overall, I would say iStopMotion for iPad is great for the beginner wanting to experiment, or as a good secondary program to be used with more powerful software, as I used it.”