365 Days in Two Minutes

by Megan -

Ian Timothy, creator of the award-winning stop motion series Beaver Creek, is at it again, now using iStopMotion for iPad to animate yet another awe-inspiring facet of nature: the changing of the seasons. In his latest claymation film 365, with music by father Joel Timothy, Ian takes viewers from summer, to fall, to winter, to spring and back again in just two minutes, using beautifully crafted clay-made scenery and animals.

Ian, 17, has been creating stop motion films since 2008 when he filmed the first episode of Beaver Creek using Boinx Software’s iStopMotion. Seven episodes and five National Gold Medals later, Ian has expanded his stop motion expertise to the iPad with Boinx’s brand new iStopMotion for iPad. In addition to the medals he won through the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, Ian was one of 12 young filmmakers part of the Art.Write.Now Tour 2011, has been commissioned to animate a music video for Grace Adele and the Grand Band, and was in the top five finalists in the worldwide “Morphmation” contest (to name just a few of his achievements).