The Creative iPad Changes Our World

by Oliver -

Change. Most of the time it happens gradually. We get older, the kids grow up, flowers grow and bloom. Sometimes change happens more or less over night.

The success of iPhone and iPad have ushered in a new age often referred to as the Post-PC era. Most people are currently unaware of it, but those devices will fundamentally change the way we interact with a computer and even our perception of what a computer is. And most people can't even imagine how fundamental this change is going to be.

Can you feel the difference between using a mouse and a keyboard to manipulate data on a detached screen and the direct interaction on the iPad? If you have not experienced it, go ahead, try it!

But look at this kid which has been born into the "world with iPad":

The iPad user interface is so intuitive that a kid not even old enough to go to the loo by herself, let alone to talk or understand the difference between a touchscreen and a print magazine, can use it.

Think about that.