iStopMotion Helps Dr Who Fans Show Their Love – Part 1

by Janice -

Steve Buckley and his two sons, Alex (13 yrs old) and Will (7 yrs old), are super fans of the Doctor Who program. To show their love of the wildly popular SciFi series, they started making stop motion movies using a still camera and Apple iMovie. However the films were limited to a very slow frame rate and the Buckley clan eventually switched to iStopMotion. “After an Internet search we found iStopMotion and we're all really impressed with it - the frame rate (how smooth the animation is) is superb, and iStopMotion has really improved the workflow for the boy's productions. The onion skinning feature which allows you to see the previous and current frame over each other is particularly good,“ said Steve. Part 1 of this 2-part posting features 'The Secret Within' stop motion movie made by Alex (Dalex7447 on YouTube). The episode was produced in just eight hours on the day the Buckley's purchased iStopMotion.