Red Bull and iStopMotion Help Stimulate Your Mind

by Megan -

In her animation for Red Bull Canimation, Emily Parker encourages viewers to stimulate their minds by drinking Red Bull. In the short film, a writer faces a severe case of writer’s block, but snaps out of it after discovering the stimulating power of a Red Bull energy drink. Parker handmade the props and figurines using materials such as latex, foam, wire, wood, paper, metal and more. The animation was done using Boinx Software’s iStopMotion. Red Bull Canimation is an animation contest in three categories: stop motion, CGI and drawn/2D animation. The only rule of the competition is that the company’s signature blue and silver can must be the star of the show. Votes for each entry are measured through fans interactions through social media pages. The top ten from each category will then go on to be judged by a prestigious panel of judges. On her entry page, Emily said, “The idea came from thinking about the mentally and physically stimulating effects from Red Bull. Hopefully this comes across in a lighthearted fun way.” If you agree or just love Emily’s animation, join the conversation! Comment, like, share, watch and watch again to increase Emily’s chances of winning Red Bull Canimation.