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by Oliver - -

There are things in life that, although you see them coming, still hit you like a brick wall. And although you were sort of thinking you'd have enough time to deal with them, when they happen, you realize that you are in fact very ill prepared.

One day in early 1977, my father met Steve Jobs. And it was not just a brief handshake, either. The encounter over lunch led to the first Apple 1 computers being brought to Europe, to the basement of my family's house, where my father had his microcomputer lab. I was 7 years old. The miraculous machine captured my imagination and has not let go of it since. Eventually the passion ignited in me and my brother that year led to the creation of Boinx Software, more than 20 years later.

Letter from Steve, pre-email. Photo taken with iPhone 4S

The similarities between Steve Jobs and my dad don't end with both being fascinated by technology and both having a profound influence on my life and my company. In April of this year, my father passed away. Incidentally, he died of the same cause as Steve Jobs, respiratory arrest caused by a metastatic tumor in the lungs. Like Steve Jobs, he did what he loved until just days before his death. Like Steve Jobs, what he loved was driving innovation at the company he founded. I was lucky to be at his bedside when he died.

When I saw Steve Jobs take the stage for the keynote at WWDC 2011 back in June, I immediately knew it would be his last keynote. Not only did he look like my father did just weeks before his death, he also had the same weak, almost squeaky voice. That morning I pondered whether I had seen enough Stevenotes and whether it would be worthwhile to jump through the hoops that Apple hands out before a keynote, including long waiting lines and "People Management" like in Kindergarten. But when I saw Steve, I was glad I bothered to take that last chance to see the genius in action once more.

Apple 1. Photo taken with iPhone 4S

On October 5th, 2011, at 3pm I was sitting in a meeting room at 3 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, CA. I had come more than 5500 miles from my office to demo our latest creation, codenamed Ziegenbart, to a couple of Apple people. They liked it very much and so I left in a good mood. The weather, cold and rainy in the morning, had turned into a bright, nice, sunny Fall afternoon. When he showed me off in front of the building, my contact at Apple briefly wondered about Katie Cotton’s, Apple's PR Manager, car parked seemingly in a hurry at the curb. "Where she is, Steve Jobs is not far away", he said.

When I turned into the rental car return lot at San Francisco International 30 minutes later to return my car and check in for my trip back to Europe, I heard the news on the radio. Steve Jobs had died, an era had come to an end.

I never expected that I would be less than 10 miles away when it happened.

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by Cara - -

Our partners and friends over at Noise Industries put together a brand new tutorial video explaining the use of FxTiles in Final Cut Pro X. If you aren't familiar with FxTiles, it's a collection of amazing 3D filters and transitions based on FxFactory (Noise Industries' platform) for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Final Cut Express, Adobe After Effects, and now, Final Cut Pro X. FxTiles offers video and post production professionals some extra spice to impress their audience. Check out the brand new video tutorial here and see all the amazing ways FxTiles can add flair to your videos!


by Cara - -

Our resident BoinxTV mastermind, Bastian, recently came across another great piece of equipment to use alongside BoinxTV - the HDMI to Composite /S-Video Converter 3RCA CRT TV CVBS from Portta. Designed to convert HDMI to either Composite Video or S-Video, this converter allows the devices only equipped MiniDisplayPort output to be connected to CRT TV. "We receive many requests from schools for an adapter or converter to use with BoinxTV," says Bastian. "This converter is perfect for school use, as many schools may be using HD devices and Macs that only allow for digital video playout, but are only equipped with analog TV. This takes care of that problem, converting your HDMI to analog, and allowing schools to run BoinxTV at the best possible quality."

Bastian outlined the three different scenarios in which schools might use the HDMI converter to run BoinxTV in a handy little diagram - click here to view. Here's a breakdown of each diagram:

Case 1: Mac with a DVI-out port: You have your Mac with a DVI-out port. Simply connect your Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Converter cable, like this one from Menotek, to your DVI-out port. Then connect your composite or S-Video cable from your Mini DisplayPort to your cable system. For audio, connect a 1/8" > RCA cable, and voila, you're in business!

Case 2: Mac with a Mini DisplayPort without embedded Audio: For video, simply connect your HDMI cable to your Portta HDMI Converter box. Then take your composite or S-Video cable and connect to your cable source. Once again for audio, connect a 1/8" > RCA cable.

Case 3: Mac with a Mini DisplayPort with embedded Audio: Just as in case 2, connect your HDMI cable to your Portta HDMI Converter box, and your composite or S-Video cable to your cable source. Then, connect your 1/8" > RCA cable directly from your Converter box to the cable system.

All in all, the HDMI Converter box from Portta is an extremely affordable and great quality product to help schools get set up with BoinxTV. Just cable it up once, open BoinxTV on your Mac and, Bastian suggests, output to 1280x720 for the best results. The converter also comes with cables, so you have everything you need to get started. You can get the HDMI to Composite /S-Video Converter from Portta on Amazon.com at a great price. Try out and let us know what you think!

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by Cara - -

Attention all teachers! Watch this cute video of students using iStopMotion to make a multiplication video, and see just how much the kids like to get involved when using stop motion animation in the classroom. Working with iStopMotion teaches students a variety of skills, from teamwork, to problem solving, critical thinking, and more. It's a new and innovative way to make learning fun and provide students with immediate satisfaction and a sense of achievement. From the arts, to the sciences, mathematics, and more, iStopMotion in the classroom is helping students tackle school subjects in a highly creative, hands-on and very cool way! Click here to learn about more ways to incorporate iStopMotion into your classroom!

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by Cara - -

It's official! You Gotta See This! is now ready to support iOS 5! The great new features in iOS 5 promise exciting improvements in both quality and functionality of our apps, and You Gotta See This! is prepped and ready for this next generation of iOS. You Gotta See This 2.1 will sport improved usability via the new native Twitter integration present in iOS 5, which makes the process of sharing your awesome photo collages with friends and family much more convenient - now you can tweet your See This! pics from any Twitter account and add your location in just one simple step!

If you don't have already have our You Gotta See This App!, what are you waiting for?!? Get it now and use it on your new iOS 5 system today!

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by Cara - -

We recently received a Facebook post on our wall from Michał Szydłowski telling us about an iStopMotion movie he created for a Facebook contest sponsored by Science Picnic of Polish Radio and The Copernicus Science Centre in May of 2011. His animation won first place in the contest! Check out our Facebook page and watch the winning video for yourself. We love to see your iStopMotion creations, so keep sending them our way - tweet us, or Facebook us - we love to hear from you! And congratulations Michał - awesome job!

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by Cara - -

Bill Stiteler from Appletell recently posted a short video review of BoinxTV, calling it a "very intuitive program." He quickly goes through the various aspects of our tv production software, from lower thirds, to layers, logos, and tickers, and suggests that users try one of the many "extremely professional looking," BoinxTV templates. "Really, the only thing you are limited by when using BoinxTV is the video processing power of your computers' video card," says Bill. Watch Bill's video made with BoinxTV here and see just how easy it is to create your very own broadcast!

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