MacDirectory review of FotoMagico 3

by Sarah -

Several years ago I was asked to create a going-away slide show for the director of a volunteer center where I did a good deal of work, which taking hundreds of photos and shooting hours of video over a period of years. First, thinking it would be an easy way out, I tried out iMovie's new (at the time) "Ken Burns" pan-and-scan effect and discovered that I had little control over the results. In theory, Final Cut Pro would do what I needed but the interface made the workflow far from ideal. Finally, I settled on After Effects to build the move on each image (batch rendering overnight) and Final Cut to assemble the project for the DVD. The end result was a farewell worthy of my colleague and friend at the cost of several evenings of hard work. If I had had Boinx Software's FotoMagico 3.5, I could have done just as well in a single evening with a single application. FotoMagico is the real Ken Burns effect, giving the auteur full creative control over the project.

Ric Getter

MD Editor