Quote from a FotoMagico customer

by Frank -

I want to thank the FotoMagico team for creating such a superb application. With each new slideshow I try to do things with FotoMagico that I haven't done before (…) I find it easy to use other software tools since they work so well with FotoMagico. For this slideshow I used PhotoPresenter to create the chapter title slides, Keynote for the opening and closing videos, iPhoto to organize and edit photos, iMovie Maps to create the moving trail on the globe, Google Maps Earth view to create the satellite view zoom-in on the destination, ScreenFlick for capturing animation on the screen, Skitch for still screen captures with labels, WireTap Studio for improving some terrible audio, and Art Text 2 for the title and caption lettering.FotoMagico has indeed transformed me into a photo magician! (…) My latest slideshow is a good example.

David Price

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