Boinx Software: The Porsche Engineers of Software!

by Frank -

I thought you would like to see this slideshow I created to test FotoMagico Pro with my new Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3. I upgraded to this 10 megapixel camera from my older 5 megapixel camera and I expected I would have to downsize the higher-resolution photos, but FotoMagico easily handled them and didn't even stutter. I also dragged and dropped two HD movies (1280 X 720) which FotoMagico displays beautifully. The first movie of a mountain stream was shot with the new camera and the second is the animated logo at the end. The animation was created in Keynote and exported as a HD movie -- it is so easy to incorporate the best of Keynote into FotoMagico. Unlike Keynote, I really like the way FotoMagico can handle multiple audio tracks, and it so easy to match the timing of the audio to the photos. This slideshow makes use of the audio ducking feature in the movie of the mountain stream -- I adjusted the ducking to lower the music volume so the running water can be heard more easily. You'll also notice the use of other great FotoMagico features including Zoom transitions, animation variations, and slow transition speeds. Boinx products are so slick... you guys are truly the Porsche engineers of software!

Dave Price, Massachusetts