wtf architecture movie

by Sarah -

"This is a movie some friends and I made for a 24 hour long project while studying architecture with DIS in Copenhagen during the fall of 2010. It's stop motion made with my Canon 50d camera and iStopmotion. Without getting too much into the details of the project, its supposed to be an interpretation on how people relate to buildings in about 3 minutes. Thats why we used stop motion to get a chaotic effect. the sound also comes from another place in the city. It's supposed to be a sort of sensory overload as you follow these two people around some of the prominent buildings in the heart of Copenhagen. The background music is Breathe by Telepopmusik. For those curious the buildings you can see are the DR Concert Hall and Offices by Jean Nouvel, The Royal Palaces and National church (the palaces are made of 4 identical buildings around a large octagonal plaza). You can also see the new Royal Opera House and the new playhouse on the water."