BoinxTV 1.5

by Bastian -

To start off 2010, indulge yourself with the brand new BoinxTV 1.5 update! Top priority remains the constant improvement of the stability. In addition, major work has gone into squeezing even more performance out of the machines and graphics cards. Specifically the NVIDIA performance could be improved. Get it now...

Release Notes:

Version 1.5 - Full and Sponsored Edition - January 5, 2010

BoinxTV version 1.5 focuses on stability and reliability and also features performance improvements in some areas. If you had crashing issues when using multiple cameras you should really update to this version. This update is free and strongly recommended for all BoinxTV 1.x users.

  • Audio files can once again be dragged onto Audio Only layers.
  • Major improvements have been made to the whole rendering engine of BoinxTV. This will enhance stability, especially on Multicore/Hyperthreading based Macs.
    • Rendering on multiple screens and graphics cards
    • Issues with Nvidia based GPU leaking VRAM
    • Issues with ATI based GPU leaking RAM when using layers with multiple video inputs (e.g. Video Switcher)
    • Overall performance of composition sources
    • Overall performance of filter sources
  • Playing movies with non-square pixels (like DV formats) now works as expected.
  • The above should also result in a slight performance improvement for non-square movies.
  • Generally improved performance of movie placback.
  • Supporting aluminum Apple Remote on 10.6.2 and higher.
  • White Apple Remote works again on 10.6.2 and higher.
  • Undo needs much less memory.
  • Frame dropping behavour using HDV.
  • The values of jog wheels in the parameter view can now be changed by scrolling horizontally instead of vertically. Therefore the jog wheels no longer conflict with scrolling the parameter view.
  • Many other under-the-hood improvements and fixes.