BoinxTV 1.3

by Bastian -

BoinxTV 1.3 features a a lot of new features based on many feature requests submitted by customers. The update is strongly recommended for all users.

It is now possible to resize opened documents

The delay of audio sources can now be set to match the video delay of certain cameras.

The Veescope Softlyght keyer chroma keying filter based on Veescope Softlyght technology was added as an alternative to the built in keyer. The keying component needs to be purchased separately as add-on.

Get it through software update or download it from the download page.

For all changes see the full release notes.

Release Notes:

Version 1.3 - Full and Sponsored Edition - May 4, 2009

BoinxTV version 1.3 brings both new features and important bug fixes. The update is strongly recommended for all users.

  • Resize Documents. The size of open documents can now be adjusted to different pixel sizes. This is especially useful if you picked a template and forgot to set your desired size. Please note that not all layers may scale perfectly when changing sie and aspect ratio of a document.
  • Improved device A/V sync. A delay can now be configured for each audio device to make up for the video delay of various cameras. See Devices preferences. This is esepcially important for most DV cameras but also useful for the Built-in iSight of new MacBook Pro computers. Use a movie clapper or just clap your hands in front of the camera to adjust the delay.
  • Automatically create device sources. Added a preference to automatically create sources for all available devices (video and sound inputs) when a new document is created.
  • Filters
    • Veescope Softlyght keyer. Alternative chroma keying filter based on Veescope Softlyght technology. The keying component needs to be purchased separately as add-on. See the BoinxTV web site for more information.
    • Image adjustments filter to do some basic color and gamma corrrection.
    • Better consistency of the drop shadow in the Chroma Key filter.
  • Layers
    • Lower Thirds: New additional parameters to adjust font kerning of title and subtitle.
    • Lower Thirds: Layer now displays a countdown when in automatic mode.
    • Digital Clock: Can now have negative inset values to accommodate scaled and otherwise strange background images.
    • News Crawl: In RSS mode this layer will now look for feed updates every 2 minutes.
    • Regression in Placer: Once again removing X and Y position inputs unless in "Custom" mode.
    • Video Switcher. Now behaves correctly if size and aspect ratio of content and background image differ.
    • Digital Clock: Fixed time format bug in 12 hours mode.
    • Placer: Fixed a small bug regarding transparency.
    • Placer with Transition: Transparency is now supported. Please test and give us feedback.
    • Presenter: Switching to "A" in Fullscreen mode was broken.
    • Presenter: Improved performance.
    • Static Text 3D would in some parameter combinations draw text with a wrong vertical alignment.
    • The Twitter layer works again.
    • World News. The earth no longer jumps around when adjusting the rotate duration.
  • BoinxTV no longer shows an alert when entering a wrong value into a text field but instead automatically caps the value to the nearest maximum or minimum. This should also fix a few rare crashes.
  • When clicking the green zoom widget the preview will now be scaled to exactly 100%.
  • Once more removed some checks after recording as they continue to crash on some configurations. We love QuickTime and all those vintage Codecs.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in rare crashes of the chroma keyer with Safari 3 installed.
  • Fixed issues when exporting two movies at the same time.
  • Changing the framerate and recording format now marks the document unsaved, both changes are being written to disk and read in from documents.
  • Fixed a few other issues that could cause crashes on export for some users.
  • BoinxTV works on the current pre-release version of Snow Leopard.
  • Major changes to iMedia Browser by the project team.
  • The usual bunch of other small improvments and bug fixes.