BoinxTV 1.5b3

by Bastian -

Just one day after 1.5b2 there is BoinxTV 1.5b3. Get it while it's hot. Feedback and reports appreciated.

Release Notes:

Version 1.5b3 - Full and Sponsored Edition - December 10, 2009

Please understand that beta releases are unfinished software, which are still under development and not yet fully tested! While we have used these releases successfully, your mileage may vary. After installing this update you can re‚Äźdownload the latest official release any time from the Boinx Software web site.

  • Playing movies with non-square pixels now works as expected.
  • The above should also result in a slight performance improvement for non-square movies.
  • Generally improved performance of movie placback.
  • Reduced rendering load of filtered sources.
  • Working to remove a freeze with the audio only layer.
  • A few more smaller fixes.