BoinxTV 1.5b1

by Bastian -

BoinxTV 1.5 enters Beta-Testing. Major progress has been made with several issues with the Multicore/Hyperthreading Macs and graphics cards leading to much better performance and stability. Get the beta...

Release Notes:

Version 1.5b1 - Full and Sponsored Edition - November 24, 2009

For BoinxTV version 1.5b1 we worked very hard to improve the rendering engine

  • Major improvements have been made to the whole rendering engine of BoinxTV. This will extremly enhance stability on Multicore/Hyperthreading based Macs.
    • Rendering on multiple screens and graphics cards
    • Issues with Nvidia based GPU leaking VRAM
    • Issues with ATI based GPU leaking RAM when using layers with multiple video inputs (e.g. Video Switcher)
    • Overall performance of composition sources
    • Overall performance of filter sources
  • Undo stack needs much less memory
  • Frame dropping behavour using HDV
  • Scrollweel control doesn't stop scrolling the parameter view.
  • A few other small fixes.