BoinxTV 1.4.2b2

by Bastian -

BoinxTV version 1.4.2 beta improves audio reliability.

If you previously had issues with audio in BoinxTV recordings we strongly recommend checking out this new beta version. We worked hard to improve audio stability, especially under high CPU load or when input devices are unreliable.

Either do an update check inside BoinxTV (with beta flag enabled) or head over to the beta page to download this new version.

For all the new features see the full release notes.

Release Notes:

Version 1.4.2 Beta2 - Full and Sponsored Edition - October 9, 2009

Please understand that beta releases are unfinished software, which are still under development and not yet fully tested! While we have used these releases successfully, your mileage may vary. After installing this update you can re‚Äźdownload the latest official release any time from the Boinx Software web site.

BoinxTV version 1.4.2 beta is a bugfix only release mainly for audio issues, most of them new on Snow Leopard. If you had trouble with audio in earlier releases please give this version a hard try. If your problems persist please contact us through technical support so we can fix the remaining issues ASAP.

  • More important audio enhancements, specifically to DV camera sources.
  • Displaying an alert when you are disconnecting the selected playthrough device while recording as this will most likely ruin audio in your recorded video from that moment on.
  • A few other small fixes.

Version 1.4.2 Beta1 - Full and Sponsored Edition — October 7, 2009

  • Major enhancements have been made to the whole audio engine of BoinxTV.
    • In case an input device fails temporarily (or changes its format) we now restart it again immediately. This might result in a very short audio gap and probably a noticable click, but at least audio will continue to work afterwards.
    • Measures have been taken to better cope with situations where the audio engine is overloaded.
    • It should no longer happen that recordings produce "choppy" audio after a while. Silence will now be inserted when audio is overloaded for too long.
    • Improved error handling in all areas.
  • Input devices (cameras, microphone) can now also be renamed while documents are open. More improvements in that area soon…
  • The submenu containing the audio throughput device is now kept visible while recording so that you can check which output is being used.
  • The state of the caps lock key is now ignored for keyboard shortcuts assigned to layers, triggers and inputs.
  • In rare cases the rendering would not unpause aufter resizing the document.
  • Audio volume of -∞ in layers is now correctly restored when loading a document.
  • Newly added sources will no longer be assigned to a selected Audio Only layer.
  • Basketball Scores layer now works correctly on Snow Leopard.
  • The titlebar and floating state of the preview windows is now saved into and restored from documents.
  • Small fix to renaming recordings in the export dialog.
  • Small user interface related improvements.