FotoMagico 3.0.8

by Bastian -

FotoMagico 3.0.8 continues to iron out the few remaining problems of FotoMagico 3. The update is free and strongly recommended for all licensed 3.x users of the Home and Pro version.

Either do an update check inside FotoMagico or head over to the download page to update to this new version.

For a detailed list of changes see the full release notes.

Release Notes:

Version 3.0.8 Home and Pro - October 27th 2009

Version 3.0.8 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

  • Screensavers cannot currently be used on Snow Leopard. They may still be created because they can be installed and used on Leopard (10.5).
  • A memory leak that was discovered in 3.0.7 and previous versions should now be gone. This probably has an impact on a number of other bugs that were reported by users.
  • Playback of movies should now exhibit less stuttering at beginning of long movies.
  • Undo was broken in previous versions after adjusting the length of an audio item (by dragging an edge). This should now work correctly again.
  • Dropping new images after the last slide should now work correctly again.
  • Bugfixes to make opening of some files more robust.
  • Made MobileMe login in Sharing Assistant more secure. Illegal characters in account name are now stripped out.
  • Support for page up/down and b key during playback enables the use of Keyspan remotes.
  • Internal changes to prepare for upcoming features.
  • Various small fixes.