Mouseposé 3.0.2

by Florian -

Mouseposé 3 Settings Window Yet another small bugfix release aims to fix most bugs users have been reporting since the 3.0 release last week. If you haven't tried version 3 so far, it's about time now. In case you did not know: the update to the single user license of Mouseposé 3 is free of charge for Mouseposé 2 license holders. Upgrading to a family license, which enables you to use the application on up to five computers in your household, is a real bargain!

Download from here, from our download page or use Software Update inside Mouseposé.

Full release notes...

Release Notes:

Version 3.0.2 - March 5th, 2008

Version 3.0.2 fixes customer reported issues. We are still seeking to reproduce one issue where the app sometimes crashs on quit. Apart from that this release should be rather stable and mature.

  • If you really need to you can now set the volume of the mouse click sound using a defaults command:
    defaults write com.boinx.mousepose ClickSoundVolume [0.0 .. 1.0]
  • Improved formatting of certain values displayed in text fields.
  • Improved validation of certain text fields.
  • Disabled "Highlight Window" menu entry on Tiger, as it would not work anyway.
  • The talkthrough can now actually be disabled in the setup assistant.
  • A rare exception when choosing a color from the developer color table has been removed.
  • Sometimes the Window Focus animation would not work on the first try.
  • A few more non-visible changes.