iStopMotion Tutorials on Expert Village

by Oliver -

We just discovered these very cool iStopMotion video tutorials by Matt Nichols, a freelance web and graphic designer, on Expert Village:

In this free series of computer animation tutorials, you will learn how to create a stop motion movie using iStopMotion software. Our technology expert Matt Nichols explains the interface of this powerful program and tells you how to set the preferences to get started. You will learn how to configure your camera to work with iStopMotion, then how to edit the frames you have created using the onion skinning technique common to many animation programs. Matt also explains how to use zooms, grids and overlay options to make your movie look as professional as possible. You will also learn such advanced skills as lipsyncing your characters with a soundtrack you have created and loaded into the program. Wondering how to add a foreground or a background to your animation? This series tells you everything you need to know to create a simple movie using iStopMotion.