iStopMotion 2.0.5

by Bastian -

Version 2.0.5 once more contains a few important fixes. Amongst others were able to work around the conflict with Final Cut Pro/Express installations. This update is free and strongly recommended for all iStopMotion 2.x users.
Please run Software Update or get it from the Downloads page.

See the full release notes...

Release Notes:

Version 2.0.5 - March 20th, 2008 - Home, Express and Pro

  • The menu item "Send to Final Cut Pro" now has a configurable shortcut.
  • Implemented a new way to calclulate the minimum timelapse interval. The time now adapts itself according to previous measurements. This should result in overal shorter intervals, especially with still cameras.
  • Worked around a rounding issue that could result in stuttering movies when recording continuously.
  • Re-implemented parts of the still camera code control after discovering major memory problems due to changes in Mac OS X Leopard.
  • Removed the DVCPROHDMuxer alert on startup as we managed to find a workaround.
  • At least one more obscure possible crashing issue has been resolved.
  • Improvements to the underlying frameworks and localizations.
  • Again, other work in preparation of the next major feature release.