Mouseposé 3.0

by Michael -

The latest release of Mouseposé focuses on improving its usefulness for presentations, product training and screencasts. Users requested that the audience should not only see the mouse clicks but also hear them. Presenters love how the Mouseposé effect focuses the attention of the audience on a small area around the mouse, but also wanted to be able to expand the focus to include the window beneath the cursor. Thirdly, users wanted to purchase a license that allows them to use Mouseposé on both their desktop and laptop computers at the same time. All these wishes have been granted.

See the full release notes and download here.

Release Notes:

Version 3.0 - February 28th, 2008

Version 3 introduces great new features as well major improvements to almost every aspect of Mouseposé. The update to the single user license if free of charge for 2.x users. Don't miss the chance to update to a family license (use it on up to 5 computers in your private household) for only USD 13.

  • Mouse Click improvements:
    • Independent click effect
    • animated clicks
    • separate colors for mouse buttons
    • audible feedback for mouse clicks.
  • Window Focus (Leopard only). Highlight a window instead of the area around the mouse pointer when the mouse is not moved for some time.
  • Keystroke display improvements. Various changes to better support demonstration situations.
  • Major visual overhaul.
  • More advanced settings.
  • AppleScript improvements. New commands to click the mouse!