FotoMagico 2.2b9

by Florian -

FotoMagico 2.2 continues to evolve with this new beta version. Apart from fixed bugs the major news are brand new glitzy web themes and FTP/SFTP upload in web part of the share assistant. Please give it a try and share your experience using the built-in "Provide Feedback" menu command. Get it through software update or download it from the beta page.

See the full release notes.

Release Notes:

Version 2.2b9 Express and Pro - February, 7th 2008

Please note that this is beta software, has not yet been fully tested and may contain serious bugs. It will therefore expire on March, 30th 2008. Either a new beta version or a final release version should be available before then. You can always download the latest non-expiring release version from the Boinx Software website.

  • Added new web themes. Please check out the new themes in the Share assistant and provide feedback.
  • Implemented FTP upload in web plugin of Share Assistant. Please test in your environment and give us feedback.
  • Improved layout in various pages of Share Assistant.
  • Wipe to blank slide now produced correct visual results again.
  • Avoid a potential crash after a slideshow finishes playing.
  • Avoid a potential crash when moving/resizing the window while playing a slideshow (preview mode).
  • Various small and not so small fixes.
  • This beta version is not yet fully localized into German and French.