BoinxTV 1.0.1

by Bastian -

BoinxTV 1.0.1 features a new layer "Sidebar", adds more parameters to the layer "Scrolling Text" and provides important bug fixes. The update is strongly recommended for all users.

Get it through software update or download it from the download page.

For all changes see the full release notes.

Release Notes:

Version 1.0.1 - Full and Sponsored Edition - November 18th, 2008

This version fixes the most issues that have been reported to us since version 1.0 shipped. Thanks for everybody for submitting your crash logs!

  • New layer "Sidebar" has been added. It can be used to slide in content from the left or right edge of the screen.
  • New parameters in the layer "Scrolling Text" allow you to place scrolling credits on top of a sidebar.
  • Now showing a warning on startup if you have Safari 4 Developer Preview 2 installed, as it will definitely crash BoinxTV sooner or later. Specifically, the JavaScript patch in Quartz Composer will crash due to issues in the new JavaScript framework installed along with Safari 4.
  • BoinxTV will now alert you if you have Mac OS X earlier than 10.5.5 installed, as this is the officially required version.
  • BoinxTV will now alert you if your graphics card does not support Quartz Composer. This should hardly ever happen. If it does and you have two screens attached to your Mac, it might be worthwile to try exchanging the cable connections of the two screens.
  • When running in Demo mode, BoinxTV will no longer show any overlay, allowing you to produce real content.
  • Fixed a crash when disconnecting cameras while they were being used by BoinxTV.
  • Resolved a crashing condition during export.
  • Exporting will no longer fail silently when you run out of disk space.
  • A crash in the Device Preferences window has been resolved.
  • Removed the Media items from the Mac OS X open panel as it tends to cause crashes. Please use the iMedia browser of BoinxTV instead. (Sources > Show iMedia Browser…)
  • A few minor typos and capitalization issues in some layers have been fixed.
  • Better initial naming of devices in certain situations.
  • Small fixes from the contributors of the iMedia framework.
  • More minor issues have been resolved.