FotoMagico 2.2b8

by Florian -

Another FotoMagico 2.2 public beta (b8) is out. We fixed most issues reported so far and brought down movie sizes for web export to about one fifth of the last version. Please give it a try and report your findings using the built-in Feedback Assistant.

Download via Software Update or from the Beta page, see the release notes...

Release Notes:

Version 2.2b8 Express and Pro - January, 10th 2007

  • Added help pages for new Share Assistant (in English and German).
  • New and improved about window for standalone players.
  • Sharing a slideshow for web now produces significantly smaller movie files while retaining high quality.
  • Temporarily changed name of "Share..." menu item to "Share (Export)..." to help exisiting user to transition to the new UI.
  • Avoid a hang at the end of uploading webpages in Share Assistant.
  • Info window at end of a standalone player now gets display again.
  • Some pages in Share Assistant have been refined.
  • Various small fixes.
  • This beta version is not yet fully localized into German and French.