iStopMotion 2.0 FC6 Release Candidate

by Oliver -

Today, the engineering team for iStopMotion made significant progress on the few remaining crashes reported for iStopMotion 2.0FC. Progress was also made on german localisation and the Help. Download iStopMotion 2.0FC6...

Release Notes:

Version 2.0 FC6 (Release Candidate) Sep 5th, 2007

Another quick update as we learned about a few more crashes and were able to fix them. This is the last final candidate before 2.0.0 final will be released to the public!

  • Certain messages are now displayed inside the preview area instead of popping up a modal alert.
  • A few less typos.
  • More work on sequence grabber, fixing a few more rare crashes.
  • Resolved problems with the checkerboard background on some graphics cards and on Leopard.
  • Improved timeline feedback when deleting frames.
  • Frames can no longer be deleted by dragging them out of the timeline area into the "nowhere". They will now snap back to their position. They can be dragged to the trash can in the Dock or be removed via menu or keyboard shortcut.
  • A rare crash when saving a document has been fixed.
  • Another obscure crash with still camera import no longer occurs.
  • Certain third party camera drivers may cause crashes with iStopMotion 2, especially when working with the device settings window. We are working on solutions for these issues.
  • If you are using iGlasses from ecamm (, please update to the new version 2. Version 1.x does not properly work with iStopMotion 2 and may cause crashes!
  • Improvements to German localization.
  • More small changes and refinements all over the place.

At this stage, iStopMotion 2 is fully functional and has completed intensive beta testing. All major problems reported during beta testing have been resolved, so it should be ready for production work. But please perform your own testing before betting your business on it and report any problems you may find.

The team is hard at work to give the product the final touches, but since the remaining tasks are not critical for using the product, we wanted to start getting it into your hands. This is the list of open tasks:

  • Clean up the artwork and UI
  • Create a comprehensive help
  • Localise into German, French, Japanese (maybe more)
  • Create a new website
  • Update the retail package