FotoMagico 2.1.2b2

by Oliver -

FotoMagico 2.1.2b2 fixes bugs in FotoMagico 2.1.

Release Notes:

Version 2.1.2b2 - FotoMagico Express and ProSeptember 24th, 2007

  • Fixed bug introduced in 2.1 where images only showed as white rectangles.
  • Fixed bug introduced in 2.1.2b1 where titles are drawn way to big and blurry.
  • Fixed bug where releasing pause would cause the animation to jump.

Version 2.1.2b1 - FotoMagico Express and ProSeptember 18th, 2007

  • Fixed crashes during saving or opening a slideshow.
  • FotoMagio no longer uses Core Image for color correction if graphics card does not have hardware support for Core Image. This should fix speed issues of version 2.1.
  • Display an alert during app launch if graphics card does not support Core Image.
  • Display spinning wheel in Stage during lengthy image load operations (while authoring).
  • Fixed a few broken links after move to new website.
  • Various small fixes.