FotoMagico 2.1

by Florian -

After one of the longest beta periods, FotoMagico 2.1 is finally out. Head over to the heavily updated web site, see what's new, download and have fun.

Some of the news are non-destructive color correction, AppleTV and iPhone export, support for iPhoto '08, hugely improved web export, better DVD export quality, a new transition, lots of small improvements you will like as well as important bug fixes.

Release Notes:

Version 2.1 - FotoMagico Express and ProAugust 23rd, 2007

This is update is free and recommended for all 2.0.x users.

  • Color Adjustments for Images (only in Pro version)
  • Support for iPhoto '08.
  • Exporting for iPhone and AppleTV via preset.
  • Exporting for Web now produces a fast-start movie that starts playing immediately.
  • Exporting to H.264 (iPhone, AppleTV, iPod, Web) now uses multipass encoding for vastly superior image quality. This results in slower exports though. Read on...
  • Some export settings (e.g. web) now feature a "Draft" checkbox, allowing to revert to the old single-pass method of exporting. Exporting with "Draft" enabled only takes a fraction of the time but results in not optimum quality and file size.
  • Exporting for DVD now uses DV file format (exception is 16:9 content when using iDVD). This lead to better image quality and less hassle finding the right settings.
  • New "Thumb Through" transition. Please give us feedback!
  • Added copy/paste animation menu commands so that animation can be applied to multiple slides at once.
  • A click in the status line at the bottom of the window now toggles from timecode to regular duration info.
  • Changes and updates to German localization and help.
  • The integrated German Help has been updated for version 2.
  • New splashscreen and icons.
  • Splashcreen now displays version and license type.
  • Tabbing through controls now works a lot better.
  • Behind-the-scenes changes for future versions of FotoMagico.
  • Logfiles are now user configurable, which should help to speed up support cases.
  • Audiomarkers are now more reliable.
  • Made locating iPhoto library more robust.
  • Moved alerts at app startup to a later time so that some open events from the Finder wouldn't get lost.
  • Fixed typos in various menu commands.
  • Made naming of animation related menu commands more consistent.
  • Creating a player or screensaver should no longer silently fail. Disk space and permissions are now checked and an appropriate error message is displayed if there is a problem.
  • Status line at bottom of window now displays correct values above 1h duration.
  • Crashes when quitting the application should be eliminated.
  • Application should now behave better if quitting while a slideshow is running.
  • Some corrupt file paths for media that could be written by older versions of FotoMagico will now be repaired on opening.
  • Letterboxing with anamorphic formats now produces correct results in export.
  • NTSC now correctly produces 29.97 FPS.
  • The preview now displays using color correction.
  • Bugfix for replacing missing media files.
  • Resizing sidebar should now be more reliable. In previous versions mouse clicks were sometimes ignored.
  • Letterbox vs Cropped mode is now always reset to letterbox before each export, as this is the only mode that makes sense for most export formats.
  • Avoid a crash at startup, when reading the country code fails.
  • Switching processes is no longer allowed during fullscreen playback.
  • Lots of improvements to the underlying frameworks.
  • A whole lot of other fixes.