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by Florian - -

While the process of localization, documentation and final design continues, engineering works hard to solve the remaining issues in iStopMotion 2. After thinking for a while we decided to totally rework the compositing sidebar as it was not exactly intuitive before. We are a lot more happy with the new version, but tell us what you think as you are the users!

There's of course also a huge number of fixes and other small improvements to stability and functionality. Read the included Release Notes if you like to know all the details.

Download iStopMotion 2.0 FC3 here now or from the new iStopMotion 2 pages later when the page has been updated.

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by Florian - -

Amongst millions of other changes and rather important fixes the new version finally produces real fast-start web movies! Get it here: FotoMagico 2.1 Beta 8

If you experience problems with this release, please contact support at your earliest convenience. We added new logging capabilities that hopefully help us tracking problems even better and faster now.

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by Oliver - -

"Beer, Beer, Beer" is the voyage of a beer glass (or rather 20 beer glasses) from Montpelier Grove, London to the pub, The Pineapple. Song by Rob Manuel (b3ta) & Danieli Davoli with video from Rob Manuel and Joel Veitch (rathergood). Cool Music and even better video.

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by Achim - -

Watch no lesser Mac personality than "The Missing Manual" author David Pogue himself demonstrate in this video, how much fun stop motion animation using Boinx's iStopMotion really is. In fact, it's so fun he'd rather talk about spending the weekend with his son, creating entertaining stopmotion shorts, than about the cameras he was supposed to review in the first place...

So, to me, that was the perfect weekend of inspiration and magic and creativity. That’s what technology can do.

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